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Operational Excellence with
Smart Planning and Scheduling

A Four-Part
Videocast Series

The current economic instability has left companies’ supply chains in a fragile position and supply chain executives face significant pressure to reduce cost and cut working capital. While reducing costs and destocking is always possible, the challenge is to improve the balance sheet with better efficiencies and service levels.

In response to these challenges, what can the firm do to better match supply and demand and improve supply chain and manufacturing performance?

Smart planning and scheduling tools holistically analyze and optimize supply chain and manufacturing processes. Supported by best practices, they enhance your ability to explore alternatives, understand trade-offs, respond to changes in business operations and build flexibility in the manufacturing and supply chain strategy.

We propose to explore today's challenges and solutions with a series of four webcasts focusing on key components of your supply chain and manufacturing strategy: production, inventory and supply chain.

Part 1: Improve Operational Efficiency and Service Level with Factory Planning and Scheduling

Speakers Dan Gilmore and Filippo Foccaci

Now Available On-Demand

Part 2: Reduce Working Capital with Better Inventory Planning

Speakers Dan Gilmore and Ronan O'Donovan

Now Available On-Demand

Part 3: Effective S&OP for Combating Risk and Volatility

Speakers Dan Gilmore and David Simchi-Levi

Now Available On-Demand

Part 4: Gain Efficiency Through a Holistic View Across Production and Inventory Planning

**NEW** Broadcast Date: December 15, 2009

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Followed by an interactive Q&A Session

Event Details

Topic: Part 4: Gain Efficiency through a Holistic View Across Production and Inventory Planning

**NEW** Date: Tuesday, December 15, 2009

11:30 EDT (GMT -4 hours), 10:30 CDT, 9:30 MDT, and 8:30 PDT (3:30 p.m. GMT)

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With the introduction in the last decade of Advanced Planning Systems, a holistic view across Production and Inventory Planning has become a best practice in the Operations Management of more innovative companies. This holistic view brought significant improvements in operational efficiency. On the other hand, safety stock calculation, a key issue of Inventory Planning, was still ‘decoupled’ from the Production Planning process. Based on average production data, safety stock calculations were done ‘a priori’ and the safety stock levels were given as targets to the Production Planning process. Unfortunately, the actual production plan data were not in sync with the safety stock calculations resulting in excess safety stock and/or poor customer service levels.

With Optimized Dynamic Safety Stock, Plant Power Ops 3.2, has made a new step towards a more holistic view of the Production and Inventory Planning processes. With this new feature, safety stock levels are the result of an optimized Production Planning process rather than an input of it. With this new feature users can reach significant improvements in both inventory costs and customer service levels. Last but not least, batch sizes and production sequences can better be optimized bringing the plant to higher levels of production efficiency.

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Featured Speakers

Dan Gilmore,
Supply Chain Digest

Filippo Focacci,
SCM Product Marketing Manager
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