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Our WMS: Should it Stay or Should it Go?

A Framework for Deciding Whether to Replace, Keep or Enhance your Warehouse Management System

As the economy begins recovery, many companies will take a fresh look at their Warehouse Management System (WMS) technology - in part because DC consolidation and other operational changes during the slow down might have changed how well a company's existing WMS technology meets current and projected distribution needs.

Like any hard asset, a WMS has a definable service life it offers its owner. This insightful presentation will help you determine if your current WMS remains a good value for your company, if additional investment in it will pay back, or if it is time to divorce your systems and upgrade to current available technologies.

In this excellent broadcast, which has been very well received at several industry events, we'll provide valuable insight from one of the WMS industry's leading consulting organizations on how to analyze the state of your WMS and chart the best course for your organization.

Following this presentation, attendees will be able to:

• More objectively determine if their exsting to WMS is worth saving or not

• Discover the risks, costs (modifications, upgrades and new installs) and benefits for keeping old technology vs. updating to new

• Understand fundamental differences in older generation WMS and current offerings

Excellent material.

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What You'll Learn


Who Should Attend?


A framework for analyzing the replace, keep or enhance decison for WMS

What are the key gaps between older and current state WMS technology?

How to optimally benefit regardless of which WMS path you choose

How to accurately estimate costs for a new WMS or an upgrade


Anyone interested in distribution management or WMS technology

Companies considering a new or replacement WMS

Companies that would like to enhance their current WMS/DC performance

IT managers responsible for WMS support


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Event Detail


Our WMS: Should it Stay or Should it Go?

A Framework for Deciding Whether to Replace, Keep or Enhance your Warehouse Management System



Wednesday, March 24, 2010



11:30 EST, 10:30 CDT, 9:30 MDT, and 8:30 PDT
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